Aperitivo al tramonto sul mare - Emerald - Residence Hotel Cefalù sul mare

Sunset aperitif by the sea

At sunset, when the sea is tinged with the warm colours of the setting sun, Cefalù is enveloped in an enchanting atmosphere, offering an experience of absolute relaxation to the senses. In this magical moment between day and evening, the characteristic ritual of the Italian aperitivo is celebrated, an ancient tradition rooted in the culture of the Bel Paese that combines taste, sharing and peace of mind after a day’s work or holiday adventure.

Typical cold cuts, fine wines, refreshing cocktails and delicious bites await for you on the charming terraces of Cefalù. Overlooking the sea and lulled by the gentle sound of the waves crashing on the shore, you can treat your eyes and palate to an unforgettable spectacle.