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Visit to Isnello Astronomical Park

Rich in artistic and natural attractions, the territory of the Madonie Park also offers many opportunities for science lovers. Among the many activities that could make your holiday unforgettable, there is the opportunity to visit the Madonie Astronomical Park, in Isnello.

The structure consists of:

  • A planetarium with a capacity of 75 persons;
  • An observation deck with small telescopes;
  • astronomical binoculars.

It also consists of several laboratories:

  • solar; a room where it will be possible to observe the Sun and the phenomena that characterize it;
  • outdoor astronomy, consisting of sundials of various types and equipment for conducting experiments;
  • educational and informative, in which students and visitors can carry out practical experiments on physical and astronomical phenomena with specific teaching equipment.

Info & Contacts
Isnello Astronomical Park
Address: Via della Fontana Mitri, 90010 Isnello, Palermo
Phone: (+39) 329 8452944