Relaxation and serenity at Sant’Ambrogio

About 6 km from Cefalù, Sant’Ambrogio is the perfect destination for the tourist in search of relaxation and tranquillity: a hidden oasis untouched by noise, set in the green Madonie Park and beaten by the crystal-clear waves of the sea.

The town is sparsely populated, has about 315 inhabitants and, according to tradition, arose following the 1738 earthquake, in the place where the chapel dedicated to the current patron saint previously stood.
Given the toponymic peculiarity of the place, it is thought that the first people to settle there were most likely of Lombard origin, noble families perhaps from Milan or Linate, devoted to the cult of Saint Ambrose and arrived in Sicily to colonise wild territories to be intensively cultivated.

The partial isolation that characterises the town is juxtaposed with the natural wonders of the Madonie park, making it a place rich in flora and fauna, beauties that make it a unique pearl of the Sicilian territory.
The township is clustered around the only building of worship present, the Church of the Madonna della Salute, which preserves an effigy of Saint Ambrose, while the traditional folk festivities, which take place on the third Sunday in July, are dedicated to the virgin. The urban centre is divided into five districts: Chian’a chiesa, Cozzomauro, Fontana, Ristinchi and Manche, each animated by its own traditions.

Nonetheless, it is not surprising that tourism pours mainly into the coastal area: in addition to the bucolic landscapes of the Madonie park, Sant’Ambrogio can boast of immaculate wide beaches, which have become a sought-after tourist destination due to its almost secluded location, much loved especially by those in search of peace and relaxation and who want to avoid days at the beach in crowded and stifling beaches.

A crystal-clear sea, surrounded by a beach of sand mixed with stones and pebbles, awaits tourists seeking an intimate experience of serenity, far from the daily hustle and bustle, the noise or fighting for a place on the beach.

The beach consists of two beaches: the small beach, which is the closest to the village, about 250 metres long and closed to the west by large rocks, and the large beach, which stretches for about 1.5 km.
The seabed is a colourful spectacle of colours, a gem for scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts.

Those who are less attracted to the water can wander the teeming woodland paths, discovering the natural magic of the Madonie Park, or can take part in organised excursions along mule tracks and trazzere (bridle paths) immersed in the splendour of a pictorial landscape unique in its perfect natural balance. Sant’ Ambrogio will pamper you with its serene and relaxing atmosphere for which it is renowned, and let you discover the more contemplative side of Sicily.